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This is an archived puzzle hunt. Please chat to us on our discord server if you have any questions.

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Puzzle Boundaries

With puzzle hunts, there are a number of places you can look to find an answer. Please keep in mind the following to narrow down your scope:

  • Imagine you are reading a physical book as shown above in the graphic.
  • The puzzle hunt is self-contained within the chapters of the book. The only requirement of the website is to validate your answers.
  • Anything you can do to a physical book you can do for this puzzle hunt.
  • You do not need to look at the source code or the filenames for any of the PDF chapters.
  • Each chapter's filename has no bearing on the puzzles themselves.
  • Spelling mistakes you find are not part of any puzzle.
  • As shown in the image above, the pages in the chapter are double sided, with the page numbers on the outside.
  • Each chapter is available for download in their respective pages. Graphics and text you see on the web page are not needed to solve the puzzles. Nor do you need to be able to read the cover image, nor do you need the text on any of the webpages.
  • Although printing out the chapters is not a necessity, a few have found it helpful. You may, however, have to use image editing software to emulate real-life physical manipulation.
  • You do not need to hack the website to solve the puzzles. Please do not brute-force the answers. The server will stop you from entering answers if they are entered in quick succession. Files on the server are unavailable until you solve puzzle, so please don't try to crawl directories.


Below are errata for the novel. Please remember, spelling mistakes are not puzzles.